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Marine Gas Service Lake Macquarie: Gas Fitting and Gas Plumbing

Marine Gas Service Lake Macquarie: Gas Service and safety inspections for boats in the Gosford-Lower Hunter region

Call Marine Gas Service Lake Macquarie- gas fitting and Gas Plumbing on 02 4972 0885 for all enquiries regarding gas installations and repairs on boats.

Marine Gas Service Lake Macquarie offer fully Licensed Gas Fitting and Gas Plumbing Services to boat owners and the Marine Industry.

Marine Gas Service Lake Macquarie will keep your all your vessels existing gas installations in proper maintained working order, as well as fitting new gas installations.

Safety inspections are our specialty, and we can carry out any remedial Gas Fitting and gas plumbing work that may beĀ  required.

In addition to Marine Gas Services, Gas Service Lake Macquarie offer full gas services for Residential, Commercial, Industrial and Recreational Vehicle applications. Contact Marine Gas Services Lake Macquarie for all your gas fitting and gas plumbing work.

Marine Gas Service Lake Macquarie: LP gas Safety on board

Below is an extract from the Maritime NSW website. To visit Maritime NSW website click here

Liquified Petroleum Gas (LPG) is non-corrosive and clean-burning. It can cause suffocation if inhaled in sufficient volume.

When buying or selling a boat fitted with LPG burning appliances you should ensure that the gas cylinders have been inspected and that the equipment and hoses are in safe working order.

LPG has the same characteristics as water and will flow downwards and gather in the bilge.

Gas storage bottles should be located in a well-ventilated space.

You should:

  • Ensure all LPG installations are performed and serviced by a licensed gas fitter.
  • Ensure all appliances are firmly secured and protected from draughts.
  • Ensure cylinders and appliances are suitable for marine use.

In the event of fire, remove LPG cylinders from the heat source. If this is not possible, keep the cylinder cool by spraying water onto it. If flames are threatening to engulf a gas cylinder the vessel should be evacuated.

In the event of a gas leak stop all motors, close all cylinder valves, turn off all appliances and ventilate the vessel. Do not operate any electrical switches until the air is clear.

Leakages can lead to suffocation or explosion. To assist in early detection of leaks a strong odour has been added to LPG, but you should consider installing a gas detector.

Marine Gas Service Lake Macquarie:Tips for safe boating

Below is an extract from the Fire NSW website. To visit the Fire.NSW website click here

Fire services recommend this simple safety checklist to assist in keeping your boating safe

  • Make sure you know and understand your boat and its capabilities
  • Install a smoke alarm close to the sleeping area and away from fumes, as well as having a fire extinguisher near an exit or near the controls and a fire blanket close to galley areas
  • Develop a fire escape plan that considers all occupants on board whether at sea or moored
  • Ensure adequate ventilation of all areas particularly when the motor is running. Isolate all ignition sources whilst re-fuelling including allowing motors to cool down
  • Regularly inspect all fuel lines and the exhaust system for leakages
  • Store LPG cylinders in well ventilated areas and turn them off at the cylinder when appliances are not in use. Ensure that the cylinder is “in test” and maintain hoses and fittings against salt corrosion. Remember that LPG flows like water and may gather in the bilge.
  • Maintain electrical equipment (a significant cause of fires on vessels) and do not operate any electrical switches or equipment if flammable vapours are present.

Marine Gas Service Lake Macquarie:Fire safety tips

  • The wind, waves and sun multiply the effects of alcohol so stay under the prescribed limit
  • Flammable vapours are heavier than air and accumulate in the lower parts of the vessel, ventilate your vessel prior to attempting to start the motor
  • Ventilate battery compartments adequately as the gases produced are explosive
  • A portable fire extinguisher is designed for small fires, read the instructions and familiarise yourself with its operations, know where it is and regularly inspect it.

For any inspection, repair or new installation of gas service and gas appliances contact Marine Gas service Lake Macquarie. We specialize in Marine Gas Service throughout Lake Macquarie, Gosford, Newcastle and the Lower Hunter.


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